At this age your toddler is mastering so many new skills that months ago weren’t possible: turning knobs, opening and closing doors, eating with a spoon, throwing and kicking balls, walking up stairs, and even running. Their curiosity and confidence will continue to expand with games and activities that ask them to problem-solve and explore.

Say hello to play time with purpose

A toddler solving a shape sorting puzzle from Panda Crate

Solve with Me

19-24 months

Play with puzzles to help your little one become a capable, confident problem solver who knows how to keep at it. Puzzles are an accessible and appealing way to sharpen shape recognition, build memory and math skills, and practice fine motor control — all while enjoying some parent-baby bonding time.

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Panda Crate!

This is one of the best investments I made for her. The kits come tailor made for your child’s age/development level and are made from quality materials.

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